Upgraded Airsoft VSR10 Sniper Rifles

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Upgraded Performance “Out the Box”
Pre-upgraded to get the best performance and value out of the CMYA 701b base rifle – 2 options click here:

  • Upgraded standard sniper-
  • Upgraded modded rifle : OTAR Scout Rifle – Shorter, Lighter rifle with internal suppression

Rigorous Quality Checks

  • Every OTARSHOP rifle has been test fired to ensure they are UK site legal (approx. 2.2J) when using high quality heavyweight sniper ammo.
  • Effective range approx. 75 metres for a person sized target. See a demo video here.
  • Factory grease/shavings removed and replaced with automotive quality high velocity grease

Make your Rifle your OWN

  • The Standard Rifle: 100% Compatible with Upgrades for the TM VSR 10 – 1000s of aftermarket upgrades and accessories available.
  • Scout Rifle: Due to the custom internal suppression and shorter inner and outer barrel upgrading may cause some of the benefits to be lost, however a standard suppressor can be added using the adaptor here

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